Madame Edwarda De Georges Bataille: L’Être En Commune Démesure - Wafa Ghorbel


This article aims to clarify the notion of community such as it is perceived by the singularly modern outlook of Georges Bataille, especially in it’s illustration in his story Madame Edwarda. The absence or loss of community seems to represent the very condition of its existence. The lovers in Madame Edwarda simultaneously illustrate the birth as well as the death of such an unusual kind of community. While offering one’s self to the other in a sacrificial attempt to surpass oneself, each of them conveys to the other a sense of shared immoderation, and goes exceptionally beyond the completeness of a homogeneous enclosure in and on oneself. However, at the very moment when it seems to succeed, community is lost, and the being returns to its initial loneliness, which seems to have never been surpassed.